How to Park Without Getting Ambushed by the City!

In the civic election, vote for the candidates that support motorcycle parking!


Vancouver      Richmond      Saskatoon

Vancouver Vision Council Becoming Annoyed at Motor Scooters!

VANCOUVER,BC: Recently it has been observed that increasing numbers of Greater Vancouver residents are dodging traffic jams by commuting to work on motorbikes & scooters. While most commuters sit patiently in their 3-ton, 500hp SUVs, scooter drivers have been observed nipping to the front of the line and parking in free spaces downtown. Scooters and motorcycles, by using less fuel, are also not paying their fair share of transit & global warming taxes. Regional administrators and councils are becoming increasingly upset at this transit & bicycle 'boycott'. Vancouver's council has started encouraging scooter-commuters to switch to bicycles or transit by eliminating motorcycle parking spaces.

Richmond Tries a New Tactic: Confusing the Motorcyclists!

RICHMOND,BC: When the City of Richmond discovered that motorcycle commuters were trying to visit the tourist village of Steveston, they knew that extra vigilance would be required to discourage motor-cycle parking in the village itself. Richmond Traffic Bylaw #5870 says" . . . no driver shall park any vehicle otherwise than between the lines or markings indicating the limits of a parking stall". These clever parking spaces are designed to confuse motor-cyclists, and when they try parking "otherwise than between the lines", traffic enforcement officers promptly ticket the confused offender!

Saskatoon Takes Aim at Scooter Anarchy, Kills Parking Freebies!

SASKATOON,SK: Significant numbers of Saskatoon citizens have been found to be avoiding public transit by driving to work on 2-wheel motor-scooters. These tiny vehicles are able to scoot about using very little fuel, but they can also be parked for free in little nooks and crannies, often in doorways or behind dumpsters. Transit administrators are upset since they see the scooter drivers as avoiding paying transit fares, or shirking their civic duty to ride bicycles. Saskatoon City council is now trying to rectify this imbalance by towing and impounding scooters, and by restricting motorcycle parking.

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