We Surveyed the Candidates!

The November 15th Civic elections generally resulted in the election of candidates who are hostile to the use of motorcycles by commuters, and are specifically against special motorcycle parking facilities

(PS: We surveyed them and found out how they think about motorcycles!)

What's the problem?

Have you ever been dinged by parking enforcement and had to pay the outrageous motorcycle parking fines mandated by Vancouver or Richmond city councils?

Do you worry that your motorcycle will be ticketed and towed? Do you fret your bike will be damaged en route or while in the tow yard? Does this feel right to you, or do you feel we as do, that we can and should do better?

Most elected local civic politicians are hostile to motorcycles and scooters, and don't want to see them parked anywhere. They want to ticket and tow motorcycles whenever they think that motorcycles have a parking advantage. They want to remove all motorcycle parking spaces.

Get involved! The following results show which council members support lots of parking for motorcycles - and which ones don't!

MCparking surveyed all local candidates on M/C parking, and you now have the results:

We've got the goods on which candidates support 2-wheelers - and which ones DON'T!

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The Survey Questions!

We asked each candidate the following questions. Some candidates were afraid to answer ("DID NOT RESPOND"); Some were confused ("Don't Know"); Some candidates, frankly HATE motorcycles (A lot of red "NO" responses); and some really intelligent candidates support wide use of motorcycles & scooters. Check the survey response to see how they responded:

Motorcycle Parking Survey Questions for Vancouver Candidates:

  1. Do you agree that motorcycles and scooters should be recognized as part of a comprehensive plan for transportation in Vancouver?
  2. Do you believe Vancouver should encourage lower footprint travel by offering free and or dramatically reduced rate parking for motorcycles?
  3. Do you agree that motorcycles should be permitted to park in spaces such as alleys or certain sidewalks where no traffic disruption or danger to pedestrians is presented?
  4. Do you believe it's good for tourism to make Vancouver motorcycle friendly?
  5. If elected, will you help address the need for motorcycle parking in Vancouver?

See how Vancouver candidates responded HERE!

Motorcycle Parking Survey Questions for Richmond Candidates:

  1. Do you agree that motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds should be recognized as part of Richmond's City Centre Transportation Plan? (at present, they're not)
  2. Do you believe Richmond should encourage "lower footprint" travel by students, workers, and tourists by offering free parking for mopeds and scooters?
  3. Do you believe that Richmond should encourage moped use by allowing free moped parking between car spaces, or in non-car leftover spaces, in Richmond's City-owned parking lots?
  4. Do you believe that moped commuters should be encouraged to use the Canada Line by allowing mopeds to park for free under the Canada Line? (Mopeds are presently banned from parking under the Canada Line)
  5. Do you believe that the use of motorcycles and mopeds should be encouraged by exempting motorcycles from Richmond's requirement to display a parking receipt? (Motorcycles are presently banned from parking on the street because of the requirement to display a receipt)

See how Richmond candidates responded HERE!

You can see from the election results that the anti-motorcyle and scooter crowd appears to be the PRO-BICYCLE crowd. Vancouver Vision party had the benefit of thousands of bicycle enthusiasts during the election campaign. The motorcyle-leaning candidates maybe had two or three 2-wheel volunteers. It's the volunteers who make the difference in any civic election, and this is clearly shown in the results.

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