"Protect your motorcycle, moped or scooter from thieves"!

Tens of thousands of motorcycle, moped and scooters were stolen in the last year - half of all vehicles stolen.

It takes a matter of seconds for a thief to steal a moped, scooter or motorcycle, especially if they are left either unsecured or with inadequate security. Two men can pick up a scooter and toss it into a van within SECONDS!

Use two or more security measures and reduce your risk of becoming a victim

Unfortunately security measures can’t guarantee your bike won’t be stolen, but by using multiple security measures you can make it harder and less attractive for thieves.

We recommend using a chain lock on your back wheel and through your bike frame, plus one other security measure, as a minimum.

Reduce your risk of becoming a victim by taking steps to layer your security:

Remove the keys

Thieves are often opportunists and so they will look for bikes that are quick and easy to steal first.

Lock your bike

Never rely on just using your steering lock to secure your bike.

The most common method used by thieves to steal a locked bike is to simply pick up the bike and toss it into a van.

Use a cover - just doing this can mean thieves looking for parts don't ‘see’ your make-and-model.

Fitting an alarm can be a deterrent to thieves.

Property mark the parts

When at home the best place to keep your motorcycle, moped or scooter is in your garage or shed

No shed or garage? Park in the safest place you can

If your bike is stolen - Never put yourself at risk. Call police immediately on 911 if you see it being stolen, or if you discover it has gone you can report it to police on the 911 non-emergency line.

What your community is doing to reduce scooter theft

Regular operations to identify, disrupt and arrest offenders.

Help your community to reduce further crime

Stolen scooters are increasingly being used to commit further crimes, such as phone snatches. By protecting your scooter you could help to reduce these other crimes. Help spread theft awareness by joining a motorcycle riders club or Facebook group. Take the time to share this message with other riders!

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